Imprint Swivel USB Printing on USB Flash Premium Quality USB

Swivel USB Flash Drive

One of the first models of the USB and by far still the most popular model in the market. USB Flash drives are great storage devices and needed by almost everyone. The USB Flash drive or USB memory stick as different people call it by different names, has much more capacity compare the older versions of portable memory drives like floppy disks or CD’s. The USB flash drive is quickly replacing the need for CD drives as files can easily be removed and modified on the USB Memory but once the CD is closed the files can’t be modified.

Protective USB

Protective Design

The great design of the Swivel USB protects the memory chip from getting damaged. As when the USB Flash drive is not being used, it is twisted inside the protective cover and the USB memory is protected against dirt and scratches. Other type of USBs, have caps but the cap usually get lost soon and the USB memory chip is left unprotected.

USB Branding and Printing

Great Promotion

Personalized Swivel USB, with your company logo printed on it, will be carried always with the person that is given to. Now days, everyone carries their data on flash drives with the USB Flash drive is handed out to other people to share the information. So your company logo will be seen by several people on daily bases and this makes it a great promotional and functional gift.

Customized Swivel USB Flash

Wide Selection of Base Colours

Our swivel USB’s are available in wide range of colors. So no matter what your logo colors are we have a swivel USB to match with your logo colors. Even if we don’t have the color that you want then we can ask the factory to manufacture USB housing with your desired pantone color.

Promotional USB

Different Metal Swivel Colours

Available in Different Colours such as : Blue, Black, White, Matte Silver, Shiny Silver, Gold,  Silver with 1 Side Printable Area & Silver with 2 Side Printable Area.

USB Packaging Box

Free Packing Plastic Box

We have a plastic box that is specially designed for this popular swivel USB. The box comes free with our swivel USB’s.

USB Flash Delivery

Fast Production & Delivery

We are able to finish the printing and preparing of your USB card drives in a very short period of time. Most orders get shipped out in just 2 to 3 working days.

Our Printing Options

Branding White Swivel USB

UV Printing

A form of digital printing that uses ultra-violet lights to dry or cure ink as it is printed.

Branding Shiny Silver Swivel USB

Screen Printing

A printing technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate

Branding Shiny Gold Swivel USB

Laser Markings

A permanent process that uses a beam of concentrated light to create a lasting mark on surface.

Branding Matte Blue Swivel USB Flash Drives

Printing with Epoxy

Full color printing with a dome on top of your design to protect your artwork.

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